Best Adventure Holidays in America

Best Adventure Holidays in America

If you love adventure, you can have a great time on one of the best adventure holidays in America. Whether you love Whitewater rafting, tubing, hiking, exploring caves, or rock climbing, there is sure to be an adventure for you. Read on to discover the best places in America for your next vacation. You may even discover a new hobby you’ve never heard of! This article will help you choose the right trip for you!

Whitewater rafting

If you are looking for a family vacation that is full of excitement and fun, then whitewater rafting is the perfect way to experience the thrills of the great outdoors. It is a great way to bond and improve teamwork while taking on the challenge of rapids in scenic settings. No experience is necessary, as guides will help you paddle safely and guide you through each rapid. There are mild to wild rapids that you can try, and you can plan a multiday trip for the ultimate adrenaline rush.


If you’ve always dreamed of hiking and camping, hiking adventure holidays in America are for you! With over 6,000 state parks and 59 national parks, America has something for everyone, no matter what your skill level or fitness level. Most of these walking holidays are moderate to strenuous and last from three to five hours, though there are many shorter routes as well. The Appalachian Trail is a famous walking trail in the southern states, and you can trek through its stunning forests in a day.

Exploring caves

If you love to climb and explore new places, exploring caves on adventure holidays in America is a fantastic way to get away from it all. However, cave exploration can be dangerous and requires good health. Cave exploration can involve crawling through small spaces and wading through icy water. If you plan to go caving, make sure you have a partner or two with you so you can share the experience.


If you are looking for an exciting activity in the great outdoors, tubing is the perfect adventure for you. This activity is easy to take part in and does not require any physical strength or experience. You simply sit in a tub and relax! The water is cold and clear, so you can drink plenty of Twisted Tea while on your tubing adventure. Lihue Plantation canals in Hawaii offer some of the most scenic and thrilling tubing experiences. The canals feature emerald-green water, man-made tunnels, and lively scenery.

National parks

There are many things to see in the US’s national parks. From geothermal wonders of Yellowstone to the rugged shores of Acadia, the national park system offers countless opportunities for adventure. Some of the best parks to visit include the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Glacier national parks. Yosemite, for example, is home to iconic features such as Half Dome and El Capitan. You can also enjoy snow boot tours of the Matanuska Glacier and marvel at the unique ice sculptures.


Whether you’re looking for a beach vacation or an active summer holiday, America has plenty of beaches to offer. From white sands to secret coves, from pristine nature preserves to funky city beaches, there is a beach in America for you. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll find great surfing spots in California and Oregon, or go hiking along the beaches of New York or Maine.

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