Types of Funeral Flowers and How to Choose Them

Are you searching for funeral flowers that are powerful, evocative and high in quality all at the same time? There are some notable outliers, such as Jewish families. If the dead were Jewish, it has grown more customary to give condolence flowers, however, the Jewish faith doesn’t really traditionally convey condolences with flowers.

Types of Funeral Flowers


Irises are frequently spotted in use as flowers for soldiers who have passed away. These flowers signify things like hope, bravery, respect and adoration. Irises have been considered “sympathy” symbols of sorts for longer than many people can even grasp. They were considered these kinds of symbols all the way back in Ancient Greece. Iris was a goddess who was thought to be a bridge between the planet and heaven. She had the power to help souls get to heaven and the afterlife.


Hydrangeas are thought by many to be superb funeral flower arrangement choices. Why is that? It’s due to the fact that these flowers look a lot like massive pom-poms that consist of tiny blossoms. Their sizable “layouts” enable them to function as outstanding garland, wreath and floral spray components. These flowers come in a wide range of colours.


Chrysanthemums are frequently abbreviated simply as “mums.” They’re thought to signify death in an abundance of nations located in Europe.

They’re thought to signify mourning in East Asian nations such as both Japan and China, too. Although these flowers aren’t classified as sympathy flowers alone on the North American continent, they manage to be staples at funerals all over the map in that specific part of the world.


Gladiolus flowers are thought to be symbols of power, respect and integrity. If you spot these sorts of flowers at a funeral, you may be able to guess that the individual who passed away was thought by many to be a person who possessed rock-solid ethics and morals. If you want to get funeral flowers for a person who had a principled and decent character, gladiolus options may pique your interest greatly.

Put a Lot of Time Into Colours

Don’t neglect the value of funeral flower colours. If you’re having a tough time making a decision about colours, you should think about symbolism. White is a classic funeral flower colour that can point to honor, innocence and tranquility. Red points to power and beauty. Pink signifies vulnerability and sympathy. Blue denotes grieving and intense condolences. Purple is a sign of dignity and honour. Yellow, last but definitely not least, can signify positive memories and joy overall. Orange is a similar colour for those things.

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