Criminal Law: is It a Good Field for a Career?

Criminal lawyers are always in demand. A criminal lawyer in Canada makes $109,927 per year on average. It is a lucrative career option.

Though there are many types of lawyers such as civil lawyers, family lawyers, and corporate lawyers – criminal lawyers are always seen as distinct professionals because they mostly handle complex cases which are critical for the health of a society.

If you’re also eyeing a career in criminal law, then let’s find out more about why is it a good career path for you.

Criminal law

Starting a career as a criminal lawyer

Starting is a multi-step process. You first need an undergraduate degree in any stream, then an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in law studies from a law school, and then you need to pass the bar exam.

Finally, you need to practice under someone else for a few years.

Once you have a good network and understanding of the legal technicalities in your region, you can begin your solo practice or shoot for a better job.

Note that for a judgeship, you need at least 10 years of experience. Though the minimum limit is 5 years, you’ll only find lawyers with 10 years of practicing experience becoming judges in Canada.

Things to keep in mind for a career in criminal law

Much like any other professional trade, your motivation and resources determine how successful you’ll be and how soon. Becoming a lawyer is not an easy task. There are many challenges. There are obstacles that can test your patience and make you question the field.

But the important thing to remember is the more problems you solve, the better you become. Making a name for yourself in your preferred field of legal practice will take a lot of time. Be prepared and don’t waver in the face of adversity – the entire profession is based on two parties fighting each other!

To become a criminal lawyer, it is important that you have a good command of the English language as well as good writing skills.

In addition to these two, you should also possess an interest and motivation for law practice and a firm belief in providing comprehensive legal services to your clients.

It’s critical that when starting out as a new lawyer, you don’t:

  • Work in a toxic, low-paying law outlet just for the sake of experience
  • Work for an unsuccessful or infamous lawyer who lacks skills

Wrapping up

Criminal law is a good field to make a career in. It is one of the oldest and most respected branches of law. Criminal lawyers can be called upon to defend their clients, who may be facing murder charges or theft charges, as well as other criminal charges such as fraud or drug trafficking.

In addition to defending their clients, criminal lawyers also have to deal with the investigation process by helping their clients prepare for trial and testifying at trial. They also assist prosecutors in preparing cases against criminals who they believe should be convicted and sent to prison for a long time.

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