5 Tips For Choosing The Best Contemporary Garage Door For Your Home

Garage doors, when properly maintained, can last for as long as 30 years before needing to be replaced. 

However, repairs are not an option if your garage door has suffered structural damage; instead, you must consider replacing it. Unfortunately, finding the right door for your age-old garage can be a bit challenging due to the many options available.

So, here are a few tips that will help you choose the best contemporary garage door for your home.

Contemporary Garage Door

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Contemporary Garage Door

1. Take Proper Measurements And Consider The Design

Everyone knows that measuring the space where the door will fit is the first thing to do when looking for contemporary doors for garage. Usually, single doors have a height of eight feet and a width of nine feet, while double ones have a similar height with a width of 16 feet. 

Besides measurement, you need to consider the design of the door. Like, if your home has a garage on the front, you must go for a door that fits in with the decor of the exterior. 

2. Think About The Type Of Door You Need

Several types of garage doors are available today, including sectional, swing-out, and sliding doors. Sectional doors are created from horizontal sections designed to roll on a track, while swing-out ones have hinges and function like old carriage doors. Sliding doors slide in a particular direction, usually at the touch of a button. 

3. Consider The Garage Door Material You Require

Modern garage doors are manufactured from a wide variety of materials, with some common ones being steel, aluminum, composite, wood, and glass. Each material has a different advantage and supplies a unique finish. Note that the material you choose will determine the price of the door. 

Steel or aluminum doors are highly durable, while wooden ones provide a warmer, more traditional feel. Composite doors are sturdy but light, whereas glass doors allow light to enter the garage. 

4. Keep In Mind The Purpose Of Your Garage

Garages are used not only for cars but also for storing garden tools like lawnmowers, and other vehicles like bikes, etc. Alternatively, some people use their garage as a hobby room or workshop. 

So, if you use your garage as a workshop, opting for glass doors would be the best bet because it allows light to enter the space. Therefore, you won’t have to work in artificial lighting. 

5. Check For Safety Features

Safety is crucial, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Kids like to play with the door controller, sensor buttons, etc., which can be dangerous. So, in such instances, it is better to go for doors with additional safety features to prevent accidents. 

Final Thoughts

These five tips can make it easy for you to select the right garage door that is aesthetically pleasing yet durable without compromising safety. Just keep in mind that doors with more features will be costlier, so select one while keeping your budget in mind. 

To find a suitable garage door, call a reputable garage door manufacturer today!

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