What Exactly Does a Denturist Do? How to Tell if You Need One.

For oral hygiene and care, visiting a dental professional is essential. However, many people confuse a dentist with a denturist. So when they need oral and dental care, they find it difficult to decide whom to seek. Knowing the different dental professionals and their specialization helps you contact the right person for your needs. This post focuses on denturists, what they do, and how to know if/when you should visit one.


Who are denturists?

Denturists are licensed professionals that provide oral healthcare services. They specialize in creating, fixing, and repairing dentures. An award-winning denturist provides customized dentures for patients to revive their ability to speak, smile and chew properly. They offer personalized and complete denture care to patients.

What does a denturist do?

A denturist is a trained and licensed dental professional that provides denture services to their patients. The following is a denturist’s duty when you visit one:


When you make an appointment with a denturist, they will meet with you to discuss your oral needs. During the consultation, they will determine what your needs are. They will access your current dentures or oral health. They will explain the most practical next step, whether repairing or replacing old dentures.


The denturist will examine your mouth and measure the necessary parts. The measurements help them create a personal denture for you. Ensuring the dentures are comfortable and fit perfectly in your mouth is necessary.

Create dentures

Denturists use different materials and equipment to create customized dentures for their patients. The materials include porcelain, composite resin, or acrylic. 

Insert dentures

A denturist’s major task is inserting the dentures they created. Once inserted, they will adjust and make necessary changes to ensure the patient is comfortable. The dentures must also fit perfectly. 

Denture maintenance 

The denturist schedules regular checkups, maintenance, or repairs for an existing denture. It must continue to be functional, comfortable, and well fitting for the patient.

How to tell if you need a denturist

Here’s how to determine if you need to visit a denturist:

Pain or discomfort when chewing

Do you experience discomfort when chewing? Or do you find it difficult to chew? You might need to see a denturist if this had gone on for days without cause.

Missing teeth

Have you lost a tooth or more due to injury, decay, or other conditions/accident? A denturist will help you fill that gap and restore your confident smile.

Irritated gum

Are your gums often unusually red or swollen? Improperly-fitted dentures might cause this. You may need it readjusted or changed.

Other signs are sunken facial appearance and mouth sores. Losing some teeth can change your facial appearance. Getting dentures helps restore the facial structure. Mouth sores can result from improper denture fitting. Visiting a denturist can correct this problem. They will adjust or repair the dentures. And they will need proper oral care to prevent future mouth sores or related problems.

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