How Safe and Effective is a Hcg Diet?

First gaining popularity during the 1950s, the HCG diet involves taking regular HCG injections while drastically reducing caloric intake. 

HCG refers to the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone generally produced by the placenta in pregnant women. Its main purpose is to support the growing embryo, but there are certain theories that propose that it can help you lose weight. 

This guide will help you know whether there is any truth behind these claims and how effective and safe such a diet is to help you make an informed decision. So, make sure to read until the end!

Safe and Effective Hcg Diet

The HCG Diet

Origin And Function

The HCG Diet originally became popular when Dr. Albert TW Simeons published his study linking obesity and HCG. But more recently, it witnessed a resurgence over a decade ago, as more and more people started looking for alternative means of losing weight. 

This diet relies on a combination of injections or hormone supplements while restricting the number of calories consumed for weight loss. Typically, the hcg drops diet las vegas requires limiting the caloric intake to just 500 calories a day, which may lead to loss of weight in the short term in some cases. 

Generally, HCG injections are used to treat fertility issues in women and hormone problems in men. 

Safety And Effectiveness

As of now, there is no scientific evidence that suggests that the HCG diet is effective. In fact, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the leading authority on such issues in the world, HCG supplements are not safe for humans. 

It has advised customers to avoid over-the-counter HCG weight loss supplements, and such supplements have to carry a label stating they are ineffective for weight loss. Even if HCG supplements are labelled as homeopathic, they are not considered safe by the FDA. 

Risks And Side Effects 

The HCG diet is linked with various health risks, which is the main reason why the FDA advises against using HCG supplements. For instance, KCG supplements can increase the production of androgen cells, which can increase the risk of different types of cancers

Additionally, reducing the intake of calories to such an extent can lead to problems like irregular heartbeats, formation of gallstones, electrolyte imbalance, and reduced intake of minerals and vitamins. 

Those relying on this diet can also experience side effects, such as irritability, fatigue, depression, restlessness, gynecomastia in men, and edema (fluid buildup). The formation of blood clots that can block blood vessels is also a common issue. 

Final Thoughts 

Obesity is a very common problem, and people are constantly looking for effective ways to lose weight. However, it can be seen that relying on an HCG diet is neither safe nor effective and should be avoided at all costs. 

As medical experts will tell you, the most effective and safe weight loss methods only require diet regulation and getting enough exercise. But if you want to use supplements for the purpose, contact a weight loss expert today who can prescribe safe and effective options.

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