Is It Easier To Order Flowers Online Than Going To A Store?

The joy of sending flowers shouldn’t be marred by anything- not even the hassle of buying them.

And that’s why it’s about time you try online florist services. They provide many advantages compared to the in-store buying experience, some of which are listed below. So, dive in now!

Order Flowers Online

4 Reasons Why You Should Order Flowers Online

1. Customization Options

When we say customization, we don’t only mean the endless choices of flowers and bouquet designing options. Many online florist services offer clients the option to “hand-pick” everything from the colour of the wrapping paper and the wrapping style to the font and colour for writing the recipient’s name.

But what takes the customization to the next level is the availability of sending personalized message cards with flowers, which really adds your personal touch. This is one thing that many physical florist shops may not provide.

2. Quality

If you have been disappointed by the quality of the flowers in stores, then it’s about time you avail the services of online florists. In the case of the former, the flowers often sit on the racks for too long, which takes away their freshness and vibrancy.

However, the best online florist companies take special care to ensure that their flowers remain freshly plucked out right till the delivery is complete. This includes storing them in refrigerators to lock the moisture and pairing them with hydration packs during the delivery so that the flowers remain fresh even when travelling.

3. Guaranteed Availability

It’s downright frustrating when you have a specific type of flower in mind, only to walk into the store and find them out of stock. The situation gets worse when you want the flowers to be delivered on the same day, as you have to place the order within a specific timeline. And searching for the desired flowers in different stores can take up a lot of your time.

While online florist stores also have deadlines for placing orders in case of same-day deliveries, the process is much faster. Even if some flowers are out of stock on one website, you can quickly head to another one and place your order there.  

Besides, many such websites have a readily available customer support team that can answer your queries instantly and suggest the best flowers according to your needs.

4. Long-Distance Delivery

Finally, online florist services make long-distance flower delivery across states or even countries time and cost-effective. All you have to do is search for a local online florist in the area where you want the flowers delivered and place the order. Or, you can simply search for any florist website that caters to the required location.

Not only can shipping flowers personally cost you hundreds of dollars, but the delivery time also becomes longer, with a minimum waiting time of 4 to 5 days. In contrast, you can avail same-day long-distance flower delivery services online with very reasonable shipping charges.

Final Words

Before we wrap up, here’s one pro tip: do some quick research for the most reliable florist websites. And compare their prices and delivery times to pick a winner. 

You can then head straight to the said website and place an order!

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