All You Need to Know About Standard Garage Doors

The first thing you need to know before purchasing and installing a new garage door in your house is the standard sizes of garage doors.

Since various garage door dimensions are available in Canada, choosing one standard size can be tricky. You can’t go with the one-size-fits-all concept when choosing a garage door. 

That said, some sizes are more common than others and can be considered standard garage doors. Today’s article looks at the most common or standard garage door sizes and how to measure them correctly. 

Standard Garage Door Sizes 

1. Garage Doors For Single Cars

These garage doors are a good choice if you have a small garage space for one vehicle. They usually have a height of 7-8 feet and a width of 8-10 feet, which makes these dimensions suitable for a single van, car, SUV, or truck. 

2. Double Car Garage Doors 

You’ll need to install these double garage doors if you own a commercial or residential property with multiple garage spaces. Their standard measurements vary between 7 and 8 feet high and 16 and 18 feet wide. These two-car garage doors are also suitable if you plan to use a part of your garage as a workshop or storage space. 

3. Combination Garage Doors

You can also install a combination of single and double garage doors based on your requirements. For instance, you can install a single door with a double door or go for multiple single doors. 

Even though such combination garage doors offer more garage space and better flexibility, their maintenance and upkeep can be cumbersome. You should also consider installing separate openers, garage door systems, or additional devices to open and close a garage with combination doors. 

4. RV Garage Doors

These garage doors satisfy your needs if you have ample space for parking multiple vehicles or a full-sized RV. The standard garage door size for RVs usually varies from 10 to 14 feet in width and height. 

How To Measure Standard Garage Doors?

Before purchasing and installing a brand-new garage door, it’s best to carefully measure its dimensions to ensure it is the right fit for your property. You can follow the steps mentioned below to measure the garage door dimensions correctly:

  • Measure the width and height of the garage door opening 
  • Measure the available space on the left and right sides of the door opening 
  • Measure the distance of the top of the door opening from the ceiling 
  • Measure the distance between the back wall and the garage door opening 


After reading this article, you’ll find it easier to choose the right garage door for any commercial or residential property. Always consider the available garage space and measure the dimensions before installing the door. 

You can also hire professionals if you want to install customized garage doors. They can help you choose and install durable, high-quality garage doors based on your requirements and budget. 

Don’t waste time installing a new garage door but carefully go through all the available options before making any decision!

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